Bob Bly, author of 100 books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals how you can ….

Make Clients So Outrageously Satisfied With You and Your Services That They Hire You Like Clockwork -- Over and Over Again -- Year after Year … Many Without Even Getting Quotes from Your Competitors!

Achieving outrageous levels of customer satisfaction among your clients is the secret to your success that most freelancers and self employed professionals seem not to know about.

Now discover 29 proven secrets for producing extraordinary levels of client satisfaction in your freelance, consulting, or other service business…just $1 per tip!

Dear Reader:

Management guru Peter Drucker famously said the purpose of any business is to create customers.

But for freelance copywriters, consultants, and other self-employed professionals, knowing how to create customers is not nearly enough to ensure your ongoing success.

No, what you need to do is continually create extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction.

If all you do is get customers and attain ordinary levels of satisfaction, you will have high client turnover, few steady clients, and mediocre word of mouth marketing.

So your levels of repeat business will be low. As a result, you’ll spend too much time marketing for new clients and promoting yourself … instead of servicing orders. The former costs time and money. The latter is lucrative and makes your business profitable and successful.

To have a profitable service business, you must achieve two conditions – both of which are dependent on producing outrageous customer satisfaction in the clients you serve.

First, you want customers to be happy nearly all the time, so whenever they need what you sell, they call you – and not your competitors -- first.

Second, you want them to sing your praises so that whenever they are asked if they know someone who does what you do, they give your name in referral – first.

The good news is that creating extraordinary client satisfaction, once difficult, is now easier. And best of all, you don’t have to even be the best at what you do to have clients raving about you … because there are dozens of steps you can take to utterly delight your clients – seemingly little things that go far beyond the work you do for them! Read on for details and a special risk-free offer….

Discover how to “wow” your clients to gain their loyalty and repeat business -- for life!

In my e-book, The 29 Secrets of Achieving Outrageous Levels of Customer Satisfaction, I share dozens of secrets I discovered through expensive experience in my 35+ years as a freelance copywriter and consultant.

These customer service “best practices” can make your clients so ecstatically happy with you and your service that they keep coming back to hire you again and again – year after year.

In my e-book (yes, written entirely by me, not a ghostwriter), you will find:

  • A 2-word “magic phrase” that is the perfect answer to virtually every client complaint, criticism, or grumble almost 100% of the time. Page 18.
  • A crafty way to get clients to appreciate the value of any favors you do for them. Page 41.
  • The most powerful word in the dictionary for making clients happy. Page 19.
  • Absolute best hours for communicating with your busy clients. Page 5.
  • Why client satisfaction is integral to every aspect of your service business – and is NOT a separate function. Page 1.
  • Why clients value vendors who are easy to work with more today than they did even a decade or so ago. Page 2.
  • Do you only speak with or e-mail clients when they call or e-mail you first? Big mistake. Here’s why. Page 4.
  • How to prevent clients from becoming impatient with you. Page 6.
  • What to do when a client seems busy or annoyed when you call her to discuss an important or urgent matter that cannot wait. Page 7.
  • A simple trick for getting as much “face time” with your clients as you need. Page 8.
  • How to convince clients that you place their needs, interests, and concerns above your own profit motives. Page 10.
  • Ideal number of topics or issues to deal with in any given client meeting or conference call. Page 11.
  • What Blaise Pascal can teach you about being a more concise and efficient communicator. Page 13.
  • Howard Shenson’s 60/40 rule for effective client communication – taken to the next level. Page 15.
  • Robert Gilbert’s 4-word formula for having more effective conversations with your clients. Page 16.
  • 25 questions to ask clients that can help you serve them better and increase their satisfaction with you. Page 17.
  • A proven 5-step process for handling disputes and agreements to the client’s utmost satisfaction. Page 20.
  • A 2-step method to make the client receptive to criticism or disagreements you have to voice. Page 24.
  • An instant method for repairing a bad client conversation. Page 25.
  • Using follow-up to gauge and ensure high levels of customer delight. Page 28.
  • The one thing you should never, ever let a client do to you – even if telling her so ticks her off. Page 29.
  • What former NYC major Ed Koch can teach you about ensuring high levels of client satisfaction. Page 31.
  • How to get great testimonials from your clients. Page 34.
  • Use this simple survey to ensure continuous client satisfaction with every customer. Page 36.
  • Do good manners in business matter anymore? The answer may surprise you. Page 38.
  • Despite the new craze in casual attire and manners, here’s why you as the vendor must always dress and behave like a total professional. Page 40.
  • The best time to let clients know about existing or possible problems. Page 43.
  • The 3 topics you should never discuss with your clients. Hint: they probably are the ones you think. Page 44.
  • Should you always be yourself or put on an act when dealing with clients? The answer may surprise you. Page 44.
  • How often should you communicate with clients? Page 45.
  • Must clients always be able to reach you? Some straight talk about 24/7 access in a wired world. Page 46. Plus: how quickly must you return calls or e-mails? Page 47.
  • 6 great options for client communication and when to use each. Page 48.
  • And so much more….

"Bob, I bought this ebook two days ago. I sat down that night and outlined the entire book, including all 29 secrets. I've printed and posted that outline (two pages) next to my computer to help me keep these in mind. I sent an engagement agreement to a new client today and used tips from your ebook. He responded with a quick signature and check. He probably would have gone with me anyway, but writing the engagement agreement in a way that made clear...and how...I would putting my client first really helped.

The 29 secrets are far more valuable than what I paid you. But your development of those secrets and all the bonus content (including the client satisfaction survey and other useful forms) I wasn't expecting blew me away. You definitely under-promised and over-delivered...just as you recommend.

Thanks, Bob."

--Phil Hamilton

You shattered that illusion and saved me a heap of real-time disappointment down the road when I experience this for myself. Your e-book, only 30 some dollars, is a wonderful primer on how to get along with your client without compromising quality and your own self-worth. If someone claims that a number of recommendations in The 29 Secrets of Achieving Outrageous Levels of Customer Satisfaction is common sense, such as being polite when disagreeing with your client, one can always rebut that, if it is common sense, it is not commonly practiced!

First rate courses such as yours not only teach the nuts and bolts of a profession but also help prepare the beginner psychologically for the path ahead. This is crucial. Thanks for doing so! I go in this profession as a web content writer with greater confidence because I have fewer illusions.

--Don Jones

May I let you in on a little small-business success secret?

The trick to freelancing or self employment is not to become a freelancer or solopreneur … it is to stay a freelancer or self-employed professional.

This I have done, earning a six-figure annual income continually for decades and amassing a seven-figure net worth … almost all through my freelance copywriting and consulting.

So when it comes to keeping clients happy, well – as the testimonials at left show, I know a thing or two. And now I want to share my client satisfaction secrets with you. If you will let me.

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Bob Bly

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  • A tested formula for boosting direct mail response rates – page 29.
  • How to profit from exhibiting at trade shows – page 36.
  • The one marketing gambit that almost always lifts response to marketing campaigns – page 33.
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